Friday, January 22, 2010

The Corporate Whore

Let's see, according to this week's Supreme Court ruling, Corporations cannot have their spending on political speech curtailed by us, the citizenry, because corporations are, under the law, "people," with many of the same rights as citizens.
  • That's funny. Despite a lifetime of service I have never seen Private Corporation carry a rifle into battle, ride a cripple down to avoid a neighborhood, or grieve over a son's cold medals. Private Corporation neither stands a lonely watch, nor maintains a family's vigil; Private Corporation's only duty is to rake the cash over the graves of our citizen sacrifice.

  • I am a poll worker, but I have never seen Corporation in the ballot box nor on the ballot, ever. But from this day forward I will feel Corporation's heavy hand on every election. And every elected representative will think first not of what is best for the nation, but what will best please or most displease Corporations.

  • I'm an American Citizen, carrying the rights, and the obligations, and the love of my nation where ever I go. But a Corporation is a gimlet-eyed jade, a promiscuous multinational citizen of the world, concerned only with increasing its market share, maintaining taxpayers subsidies while avoiding taxation, and answering only to its bottom line.
Corporations may indeed have the rights of an American Citizen, but they have none of the duties nor obligations of citizenship. And to think, we used to worry about liberal activism on the Supreme Court. The founding fathers never envisioned or intended this outcome.