Friday, September 26, 2008

Financial Services Disaster

Please call the current Financial Services disaster by it's proper name: a gigantic continuing criminal enterprise, a national Ponzi scheme, an international fraud. Ironically this crime was worked against every citizen who invests in the new "Ownership Society," yet, as in all good confidence crimes, this crime was also perpetrated with the help of the "mark."

This crime was perpetrated by Wall Street, enabled by payola--sorry, political contributions--and favors lavished on Capital Hill and in the White House. Blame extends to all members of both political parties in Congress.

Regulators at the Fed and at Treasury acted as Wall Street Mafia Lieutenants, turning a conveniently blind regulatory eye to the building credit tsunami as they rotated in and out of "public service," offering their expertise in new-style Wall Street markets and financial instruments that mere career civil servants, we were told, who were too stupid to understand.

This criminal enterprise extended its tentacles from Wall Street to Main Street using mortgage brokers and real estate appraisers as pimps and bag men, playing not only on the ignorance but also the unrealistic hopes and aspirations of the credit junkies they'd hooked.

Even if the average citizen didn't get a shady mortgage himself, most of us participated in the fraud by riding the rocket of ever increasing--and increasingly unrealistic--returns through our desperate attempts to insure our retirement investments against a murky future in the new Ownership Society.

Thank God we didn't let Wall Street get its hands on Social Security; a lot more people are going to need it now.

This nation was foolish to invest in an opaque, faith-based, financial regulatory system. We were foolish to allow Wall Street thieves to--at last!--create a way to tap into the equity in our homes in exchange for cheap plastic crap from China. And in November we will all be exceedingly foolish to re-elect anyone now in office.

Still, just wait until you see the looming credit card panic, coming soon to a government near you.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Yet Another Intellectual Flyweight

Let's see, 43 presidents. 9 accidental presidents. That's a 20.93% chance Palin & her spoon fed, failed Bush-era ideas not to mention their shared lack of international situational awareness will become president if we elect McCain.

Oh and, 5 colleges in 6 years to get a journalism degree?--I thought she hated the press anyway. Flyweight.

That's all we need in the white house another jokey, quipping, reactionary who is also a science denying, intellectual flyweight.

Nice parody though: