Thursday, September 13, 2007

More Sad News from Iraq--NYT OpEd Soldiers Dead

If you missed the NYTs OpEd entitled "the Was as We Saw It" by seven career soldiers actually serving in Iraq at the time of publication, I've put a copy on my blog because it's now archived and available only for a fee at NYT.

As noted, in a coda to that piece, one of the writers, Murphy, was wounded in the head before it was published and has been evacuated to Bethesda. Now word comes from Baghdad that two of the remaining authors, Mora and Gray, died in Iraq Monday.

I hope you'll remember these multiple combat tour, combat hardened troops when reading about Pete Hegseth and his GOP front organization Vets for Freedom, both of which have been much in the news lately. Hegseth did one tour of Iraq early on with the NY National Guard and hasn't been back since. While I honor his service, he's abused his mantle of authority beyond credibility in the press. His prowar neocon organization, Vets for Freedom, much in the news lately with the latest administration push after the Petraeus/Crocker report, is a wholly owned, 100% financed, creation of the GOP war machine.

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