Friday, September 21, 2007

The Good Citizen Dog Walker Kit

After Sydney's sorta bad black and tan adventure, I thought I'd share my dog walking kit (click image to enlarge):
  • cell phone with camera
  • Bags on Board container (15 ct. per roll) emergency poop bag
  • Gerber lock blade pocket knife # 05842 has belt clip and opens with one hand
  • HeatWave 17% pepper spray with UV marker (for ID later by police) & leather carrier
  • 1 aluminum carabiner, for belt (never a belt loop) to hold extra bags and pepper spray as well as to tether dog to waist
  • 1 aluminum spare carabiner, to tether dogs to fence or post
  • 6' leash and chain collar, makes a pretty stinging weapon if the dogs are off leash. Also, it's difficult for the dogs to slip their collars when excited
  • plastic shopping bags, 5 per trip out. Recycle those bags and save the expensive emergency bags (If you're not picking up your dog poop on a walk, you're a bad, bad owner).

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