Wednesday, July 11, 2007

1st Lt. Pete Hegseth, Neocon Fraud Part II

but Lt. Hegseth doesn’t tell the whole story, does he?

Like we’ve won the war, every battle, but we are losing the occupation. Or that never in modern history has there been a successful occupation of an Arab country by a western power or that the only reason Israel is hanging on is because she has got us at her back and a few nukes.

Like the now friendly warlords in Anbar fighting AQ and the Taliban are minority Sunni and likely to turn on us as soon as we’ve helped them accomplish their goals.

Or that our allies, Turkey, has declared there will not be a Kurdish state on its border and is massing troops along the Turkey/Iraq border already.

Or particularly that regardless of how much extra blood and treasure we spend trying to buy the princes of the greenzone a bit of time, that they’ve made absolutely no substantive progress on actually forming a working country or finding a way to defend themselves.

What 1st Lt Pete Hegseth of VFF needs to do is abandon his part-time National Guard post and join the regular fighting Army, the folks who have made 3 or 4 or 5 deployments to Iraq and where company grade officers like Hegseth are leaving in droves and are in extremely short supply. Let him fight and die for his beliefs like a real soldier, instead of standing on the sidelines writing articles.

BTW, Hegseth and VVF are a bit of ringer. Check out him and his organization at Vets for Freedom is a completely GOP owned and run 527 front organization and has, as far as anyone can determine, very little active duty military membership (VFF won’t releasea list of members, but their 527 reports show donors and contributors are mostly republicans loyalists).

I heard a radio interview the other day with a Lt. Col. His assessment: “right force, right mix, too little, too late.”


PSYOP Cop said...

I resent your crack at the Guard. I'm in the Reserves. I also spent ten years in the Guard. I've deployed overseas three times, including once to Iraq. We pull our share of the weight and have had our share of the dead as well. One of my close friends was a NJ Guardsman who was killed in an ambush in Baghdad in 2004.

What is your military experience?

rick the mouseherder said...

28 years, man and boy.

Papa Ray said...

You know, calling someone an idiot is not considered PC or kind.

So I won't, I'll just call you ignorant, stupid and nothing more than a person who has an "agenda".

You will pay for your stupidity at some date, I just hope you grow up before then so you will appriciate it.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Steve B. (WHISKEYBOARDER) said...

Mr. Kennerly,

Maybe I am misconstruing the greater point of your argument and maybe I am failing to see your own credentials in this manner, but the following quote is absolutely representative of those that know NOTHING of our military:

“What 1st Lt Pete Hegseth of VFF needs to do is abandon his part-time National Guard post and join the regular fighting Army”

I was one of those members of the “regular fighting army,” served in the infantry, deployed twice to Iraq and spent a year in Ar Ramadi when the conflict was at its most intense there.

Your comment is nothing less then slanderous. While on active duty, I had nothing less then the utmost respect for my national guard counterparts. Furthermore, the elements that originally established the American presence in Ramadi were units from Florida’s National Guard. These soldiers were as battle-tested as any.

Lieutenant Hegseth’s willingness to volunteer for the military in any regard establishes his mettle on this topic. While I submit to your freedom to argue against his cause in any manner that you choose, you should understand that those of us who have served recognize your current method of opposition as being very weakly substantiated.

Try again.

k2aggie07 said...

How do you measure "losing the occupation" exactly? I'm curious, because most of the meters on this website seem to indicate the the opposite.

I think you also greatly underestimate Israel and her ability to wage war. I'd suggest, rather, that she can take all comers, just as she did 40 years ago.

As for Lt. Hegseth needing to do one thing or another, fighting for one's beliefs is open to multiple avenues. It does no good to spill blood on Iraqi soil if democrats on Capitol Hill are going to pull another Vietnam and helicopter people out of the embassy, a la Miss Saigon. His vocal opposition to just that can be just as valuable as being a ground pounder.

Ever heard of a 5th column element?