Friday, June 22, 2007

Toddler's Row

Well, I guess there is one downside to having a graveyard behind the house: Toddler's Row is right behind our fence. We seldom see the burial, but live with the aftermath for months, even years. Some families come every week, a few every day, a couple of women come several times a day for months on end. Often late at night ghostly wailing sets the dogs afire with agitation when the windows are open.

Men come too, but almost always with their wives', seldom alone. After awhile, though, the men all begin to wear their "shopping husband" faces as they mill about. I've gone so far as thinking about putting in a husband bench, like at the malls, for the men to sit upon and to wait. You can see it in the men's eyes; they're wondering the same thing on their side of the fence that we're wondering on our side of the fence; when will she get over it? Will she ever get over it?

Actually, it's not true that men don't come alone, but it's not like when they come with their wives. One guy came by himself last weekend. We were pruning the back the new growth on the Azaleas along our side of the fence when he popped out of his red truck, leaving the door open and the engine idling. He was on his cell phone the entire time he inspected the tiny grave, popped back into his truck and left. Guess he can tell his wife he came, maybe he was inspecting to be sure everything was right for the Sunday morning pilgrimage.

There are positives to having Toddler's Row near the house. Parents often leave cupcakes on the graves, which our dogs enjoy.

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AlanMP said...

I really liked this one. I know just what my shopping face looks like.