Friday, June 22, 2007

Life on the Edge of Other People's Graves

Nope, Mouseherder's feelin' fine. But the Rat's Nest is nestled in on the edge of a cemetery, which creeps a lot of people out. Not us, though, they're good neighbors and nobody's gonna build a condo behind our house.

We think it's pretty kewl, in fact. And so do the dogs. The graveyard has been alive on our morning walks this spring. The dog's jump rabbits and squirrels to chase nearly every day (all too fast for them, though. What they need is a squirrel on crutches). The dead people don't seem to mind the pups thundering over their graves, but their relatives do--the reason we're out of there by 7 am.

Life, as they say, is for the living.

I wonder if dog pee stains white marble?

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